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1 Effects Of Individualized Environmental Modification Program On Neurobehavioral Organizations of Very Low Birth Weight InfantsEffects of individualized environmental modification program on neurobehavioral organizations of very low birth weight infants
2 The patterns and causes of drinking among students in a private university
3 Use of health line consultations among Myanmar migrants, Thailand: a descriptive study
4 Stressors and Coping Strategies among AU nursing student
5 Use of Oral Rehydration Therapy for Management of Children Under Five Years With Diarrhea Ratchaburi Province, Thailand
6 Perception of Future Parenthood Among University Students in Thailand
7 Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice Among Mothers with Children Aged 6-24 Months Ratchaburi Province
8 The Effect of Sponging Using Friction and Non-Friction on Body Temperature Reduction among Febrile Children
9 Perceived Self-efficacy, Knowledge, and Breast Self-Examination Practice among Assumption University Female Students
10 The Nurses of Community Training Model for Community Health System Development: The Community Participation Approach
11 Bridging the Gap between Nursing Service and Education with Learning Experience on Cultural Care
12 Sexual dating violence prevention strategies perceived by Thai community people
13 The Effectiveness Outcomes of Student-Centered Approach Integration in Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum: Case Study in Assumption University Nursing Students
14 The Mental Health Service Utilizing EMDR with Tsunami Survivors in Thailand
15 The Effective Outcomes of EMDR on Tsunami Survivors:Case Studies of Khao Lak, Phang-nga, Thailand
16 Date Rape Perceptions of Thai University Students
17 The Mental Health Service Utilizing EMDR with Tsunami Survivors in Thailand
18 The Effective Outcomes of EMDR on Tsunami Survivors - Case Studies of Khaolak, Phang Nga, Thailand
19 The Development of Violence Research Database and the Synthesis of Research on Violence Issues in Thai Society
20 Violence in Dating Relationships among Thai Secondary School Students
21 Development of a Self-care Agency Model for Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy,
22 Empowerment Program on Promoting Perceived Self-Efficacy in Caregivers of Autistic Children
23 The Third-Year Nursing Students’ Opinion toward the Integration of Student-Centered Approach for Field Trip in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Practicum
24 The Au Nursing Instructors’ and Staffs’ Satisfaction toward Faculty Management System in Academic Year 2005
25 The Relationship between Self-Concept, Body Image, and the Personal Health of the Assumption University Female Student