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The Faculty of Nursing Science adopts appropriate policies to achieve its vision and mission and to be congruent with the policies of Assumption University.
  1. Management policy
    • The management of the nursing faculty must be in accord with the university’s policies
    • Continuously implement quality assurance practices in maintaining educational standards and obtaining national and international recognition.
    • Utilize a participatory management approach.
    • Apply information technology and mobilize available resource.
  2. Academic Policy
    • Improvise curriculum development to serve social needs.
    • Promote literacy and academic work for social upliftments.
    • Generate a body of knowledge in professional nursing and initiate a high standard of the teaching-learning process.
    • Promote academic freedom.
  3. Human Resource Policy
    • Recruit and maintain the competency faculty members and staffs for a sustainable development.
    • Promote a healthy working culture, including professional uniqueness and high professionalism.
    • Encourage self motivation and drive for bench marking and competitiveness.
    • Provide good governance for loyalty, dedication and integrity of the faculty members and staffs.
  4. Educational Quality Assurance Policy
    The Faculty of Nursing Science adopts the quality assurance policy of Assumption University for sustainable development through its vision and mission.
    The quality assurance system and mechanism are set up to ensure that the quality and standard are maintained. It is a crucial role of administrators and the faculty members to work concertedly and harmoniously. For more information, Please visit
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