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The Faculty of Nursing Science, as an integral part of the Assumption University of Thailand positions itself as a community of students and scholars for whom the dimension of faith and spiritual perception are of great significance.
The Faculty of Nursing Science has philosophy of education which is committed to variety and plurality of ideas and beliefs based on metaparadigm in nursing education. There are man, health, environment, and nursing which are interrelation.
We believe that man is a holistic being that justifies himself and his existence by the nobility of his work, his ability to adapt himself to ever changing global society through continuous self development. Man is a being of uniqueness, dignity and potential of self-care that can influence and be influenced by dynamic environment.
We believe that health is delineated by optimal state of happiness and well being. Health is human rights, and health promotion is the prime strategy for healthy life. Comprehensive health approach is the core value of health care. Gender equality and equity access to health care are ultimate goals.
We believe that nursing is an ethical and autonomous profession. Nursing Science is multidisciplinary body of knowledge derived by evidence-based inquiry. Nursing services are provided through family-centered approach and Self care conceptual framework is the main concept in nursing process. The units of nursing services are individual, family, and community. Quality of nursing is ensured by systematic process responding to contemporary phenomenon. We are committed to utilize student-centered and international approaches in educational process and management with highly qualified faculty scholars.
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